Mononokean is the entire tea room where Haruitsuki Abeno normally is. It is a yōkai and it expresses itself through a scroll.


The Mononokean is a classic square tea room, it has four long tatami mats aligned so that they surround the room.

There is an alcove where a scroll is hung, the scroll is green and there is a wind chime hanging next to it.


The Mononokean's personality seems to be light and bubbly as seen when it uses kaomojis to show it's emotions and to convey a certain point. They are also very attached to Ashiya and Abeno. Often when Abeno asks if the Mononokean is happy with how things are it responds with "I obey the will of the master of the Mononokean" with no kaomojis. The Mononokean dotes on Ashiya, as seen when Ashiya goes to the underworld with the Mononokean's instruction sheet.


The Mononokean can travel to any place, enabling the guests to travel around the mundane world or most parts of the underworld. There is a rule where only the master and employees of the Mononokean can move between both the mundane world and the underworld through the Mononokean.

The Mononokean cannot speak and is able to communicate with others using it's scroll.


Abeno Haruitsuki

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Ashiya Hanae

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the previous master of the Mononokean


  • The Mononokean tends to be strict when it comes to studying/learning something.
  • The Mononokean sometimes end up playing along with situations.
  • The Mononokean likes having conversation with others and dislikes the room getting dirty.


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