This is a list of all minor characters of Fukigen na Mononokean series who either do not have much information about them or they only appear for a few scenes in chapters in the series, such as during exorcisms.


  • Fuzzy's Doppelganger
    Fuzzy's Doppelganger: A yōkai that looks similar to Fuzzy. He first appears in Chapter 8 and Episode 4. When he passes through Kiyakudo, Hanae thinks it is Fuzzy and runs after him, only to find out he just looks like Fuzzy. The yōkai turns out to be a thief who stole from another yōkai, which eventually leads to Hanae getting into trouble.
  • Capybara
    Goichida: A hot-headed Capybara yōkai who is the owner of the store Fuzzy's doppelganger stole from. He first appears in Chapter 9 and Episode 4. As he was chasing his store's thief, he encounters Hanae who was accidentally holding the food the thief stole. He immediately claims Hanae to be the thief and stubbornly brushes off the latter's denials.
  • Spiky: A yōkai which was lost in the mundane world and resided in a female client's room. He is known to cause tremors in the place where he resides when it gets scared, angry or frustrated. It soon opens up to Hanae when Hanae talks with it to calm itself down so that it can be exorcised by Haruitsuki. Eventually, Spiky becomes good friends with Fuzzy.
  • Keshi: A female yōkai who enjoys dancing and often wishes to participate in the Bon festival dance. Her wish to become a human for a day to dance on the festival day comes true with the aid of Hanae, Zenko and Haruitsuki.
  • Oisuke


  • Manjirou's Wife
  • Rich Estate Daughter
  • Rich Estate Mother
  • Mr. Fuji: The adviser of the Photography Club ni Hanae's school.
  • Neighborhood Association President