This is a list of episodes in the Fukigen na Mononokean anime. The series premiered on June 28, 2016, and it is broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, Chukyo TV, and BS11. The second season, entitled Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki premiered on January 5, 2019

List of Episodes

Season 1

Episode No. Title Original Airdate
01 "The Beginning" June 28, 2016
The Beginning
Hanae Ashiya goes shopping for his mother and all of a sudden meets a yōkai in the street that gets attached to him. For desperate help he calls Haruitsuki Abeno.
02 "The Ant" July 5, 2016
The Ant
Hanae goes on a food errand for Haruitsuki and on his way on his errand he saves a girl from a yōkai. This will later lead to Hanae's abduction.
03 "Zenko" July 12, 2016
Zenko Ep
Hanae Ashiya goes on his first solo job that involves recovering a mask owned by a yōkai who dropped it during his exorcism. On the job, Hanae meets a skeptical girl who accuses him of being a thief.
04 "The Underworld" July 19, 2016
The Underworld
Hanae gets to go to the Underworld and while being there he meets with another misunderstanding.
05 "The Legislative Lake" July 26, 2016
The Legislative Lake
Hanae meets Rippō, the Legislator, for the first time and Rippō will decide if Hanae is up to the task of being an employee for the Mononokean.
06 "The Ring" August 3, 2016
The Ring
Hanae gets another job and this time it is about finding a ring in the lake. Hanae will reveal his hidden talent.
07 "The Encounter" August 10, 2016
The Encounter
Zenko Fujiwara has gotten a strange mark on her arm and the only way to make it go away is to play hide-and-seek with the fox spirit Yahiko.
08 "The Wait" August 17, 2016
The Wait
After getting Yahiko's mark away from Zenko, Hanae meets a new yōkai who wants his help and he have to figure it out without Haruitsuki's help.
09 "The Marked Difference" August 24, 2016
The Marked Difference
Hanae and Haruitsuki go on another job but this time the client is a human.
10 "The Fool" August 31, 2016
The Fool
Hanae and Haruitsuki must solve the reason why Yahiko has become so large that he got stuck.
11 "The Purple Sun" September 7, 2016
The Purple Sun
Hanae meets a yōkai who can't see without borrowing the sight from a human who can see yōkai, what will Hanae do?
12 "The Separation" September 14, 2016
The Separation
Hanae still isn't able to see yōkai, this causes every yōkai Hanae has met to try and find Tomori so that Haruitsuki can talk to her about Hanae's problem.
13 "The End" September 21, 2016
The End
Yahiko plays a prank on Hanae which might solve all of Hanae's problems.

Season 2

Episode No. Title Original Airdate
01 "The Limb Screen" January 5, 2019
The Limb Screen
"Mononokean", that sends yōkai who stay in "this world" to the "Underworld", where they should live. That Mononokean's Master, Abeno Haruitsuki, and employee, Ashiya Hanae, and a yōkai, Fuzzy, go to the Underworld at the request of Abeno's superior, Rippō. The two help Rippō with his work, but due to Ashiya's mistale, he wil be delivering a document to Gyōsei, who, along Rippō, is one of the three who govern the Underworld. Is it really to the Gyōsei's―?
02 "The Tail" January 12, 2019
The Tail
Ashiya was asked by Rippō to deliver a scroll to Gyōsei.

On the way to the Gyōsei's place, Ashiya comes across with a yōkai that takes the form of a huge beast and runs away in fright, but he quickly discovers they yōkai is kind contrary to its appearance. Ashiya helps out the yōkai find something the yōkai lost, who offers Ashiya to ride on its back as it is incidentally also on its way to the Gyōsei's place, the Birdcage.

03 "Greetings" January 19, 2019
A yōkai named Egen comes from the Underworld to the mundane world. Egen, who dreams of "making a school in the Underworld", says she will inspect the high school of Abeno and Ashiya. Ashiya tries to help out Egen, who observes the school seriously. However, for some reason, Abeno is grumpy all the the time. Abeno was a little concerned about this visit, but Ashiya did not notice anything at all――.
04 "The Mortar" January 26, 2019