Fushimi Shinji is a classmate of Hanae Ashiya. He is also in the school's Photography Club.


Fusshi has light brown hair. His eye color is currently unknown because he is always seen with his eyes closed.

His outfit is the school uniform: red tie, white shirt, and black pants. On one occasion, he is also seen wearing a blue athletic jacket.


So far, Fusshi has been presented as a carefree and cheerful kind of person, as shown when he nonchalantly shrugged off an injury he received from a cat he was taking a photograph of.


The Three Faces

Fushimi and Norito approach Hanae at the end of their class. Norito introduces the two to a suprised Hanae. Norito hands Hanae notes they have taken for the classes Hanae missed while Fushi apologizes for the handwriting and adds Hanae needs to borrow English notes from someone else. Fushi asks Hanae if the latter is already leaving for home, with Norito asking Hanae where he lives. Hanae answers and Fushi invites Hanae to go home with them as Hanae lives in the same direction as Fushi and Norito. Fushimi asks Hanae if he wants to stop by a convenience store first as he is hungry. On the way out of the classroom, Hanae enters the Mononokean, panicking, Hanae quickly slams the classroom door. Fushimi asks what's up, to which Hanae responds he remembered he has some important thing to do and thus can't go home with the two. Hanae leaves in an awkward way which causes Norito to comment how weird Hanae is. Fushimi only looks blankly.

The Rules

Fushimi takes a photo of Hanae by the locker area, surprising the latter. He tells Hanae that they don't have class that day, as it is Saturday. Fushimi asks Hanae to do a "peace sign" for a photo and Hanae obliges. Hanae inquires if Fushimi is with his Photography Club. Fushimi concurs and adds he is taking pictures for an upcoming contest. Hanae requests Fushimi to show him some of the pictures. Fushimi shows one of an aggressive-looking cat and shows a scratch in his right hand, which he states he ended up with after taking the picture of the cat. An alarmed Hanae tells Fushimi to go to the nurse's office and gives directions to where he can find the gauze and salve he'll need. Fushimi jokingly states Hanae would of course know as he is "Hanae-chan of the Nurse's Office." Fushimi leaves but states he doesn't want to use medicine as it stings. Hanae tells him that he needs to disinfect his scratch wound and Fushimi yields.


  • Fushimi tends to stretch out the last syllables of his words.
  • He likes going to convenience stores and dislikes having to hurry.
  • His favorite food are new/unusual products of convenience stores.